Sunday/ five shot to death in Burlington

Gun violence9-25-2016-9-01-07-pm here in the USA continues. If you do not know the numbers, let me enlighten you.  90 people are shot to death each day in the USA.  33,000 per year.  As a reminder, that is eleven times the number of people killed on 9/11. Eleven times, every year. No exception.

On Friday night, five people were shot to death in a department store in Burlington, WA (pop. 8,000).  The killer (I’m not a journalist, so I don’t have to say ‘suspect’) was apprehended on Saturday.  He is 20 years old, a Turkish immigrant, with a history of violence.  He stole the gun that he had used from his dad. He may have been looking for an ex-girlfriend (she was not at the store). There was an uproar on Twitter because the police was looking for a ‘Hispanic’ person.  Agreed – Turkish or Middle-Eastern is not Hispanic, but describing him as such definitely helped in his identification and in tracking him down.

A tweet from The Seattle Times, noting the mass shootings in Western Washington (pretty much the Tacoma and Seattle metro areas). That 2006 Capitol Hill tombstone represents a massacre that happened FOUR BLOCKS from my house (six dead, the shooter dead, two wounded).

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