Saturday/ the Angle Lake light rail station opens

The public art installation at the Angle Lake light rail station is called ‘Cloud’ (artist: Laura Haddad). More than 6,000 discs form a three-dimensional cumulus cloud that creates an experience of light and motion.


(From the Seattle Times) Angle Lake is an L-shaped lake close to Sea-Tac airport.
Here is a view from an upper floor of the parking garage out to the station platform.
And here is the brand-new parking garage. A Southwest Airlines jet has just taken off from Sea-tac airport close by.

Public transport aficionados that we are, Bryan and I made a run down to the new Angle Lake light rail station that was opening on Saturday. It will be five long years before more stations will open (to the north of the University of Washington).

The new station offers a stop 1.6 miles south of Sea-Tac airport, with some 1,200 parking spaces for commuters (parking time is limited to 24 hrs and not intended for airport-bound travelers).

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