Tuesday/ the No 38 Muni bus

My mode of transport to the office this week is by Muni bus, the No 38 (the others : on foot, BART, Uber, taxi, street car).   The bus is crowded, and carries the world : Indian people, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, European (tourists, but just one or two), African American and hey, even a South African American.

*Not really an option for me, unless I pack a folding bicycle like the one dude that got into the elevator today.

Here’s my bus route : O’Farrell to Market Street, and then I get dropped off in front of my office building.  Walk for 4 mins to the bus stop, says Google, and then 6 stops/ 10 mins on the bus. 
Here’s an old building from my cheating bank (Wells Fargo), as seen from the bus. ‘SAFE DEPOSIT VAULT’ says the gold letters at the base of the corner pillar. Well, those days are long, long gone. Our money is all digital, zeroes and ones, now .. and is it safe?

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