Monday/ late flight out

It was the Labor Day holiday today in the United States (so: no work), marking the unofficial end of summer.   Back to school for the kids this week (finally), and back on the road for me.  I took a late flight out to San Francisco.  Our workshop starts too early in the morning for me to make it in with a morning flight.   I took a taxi from San Francisco airport for the 14 miles or so to get me to the hotel in Fisherman’s Wharf.  Kind of too late to take BART, and the Embarcadero station is still 2 or 3 miles away from the hotel.

IMG_7027 sm
Here’s our approach to San Francisco International airport. That’s the Bay Bridge, with Yuerba Buena Island (not really visible) and Treasure Island to the left of the bridge.  The other lights in the water on the right are from anchored ships.  The bright diagonal street in the foreground that runs ‘parallel’ to the Bridge, is Market Street.

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