Saturday/ floatplanes on Lake Union

Kenmore Air flies to Victoria BC and Nanaimo BC, and to Friday Harbor (look for the unmarked yellow star to the right of the Canadian border) on the San Juan Islands.

I went down to Lake Union on late Saturday afternoon to check out how Lake Union Park was coming along. (Also: Google is slated to build new Seattle campus buildings starting in 2017 there, a stone’s throw from the Lake).  The park looks OK; I would say it still needs some big trees, though.  The pond and surroundings with the Canadian geese is more or less under control. (The geese are notorious for making a big mess with their droppings!).

16041430 sm
Here are the troublemakers. The Canada goose is so successful at making itself at home in urban areas that it is sometimes considered to be a pest!

It was nice to catch two floatplanes on the maneuvering on the lake, one from Kenmore Air, and one from the local TV station.

16041433 sm
And this man-made flying machine is a Kenmore Air floatplane that had just landed on the lake.
16041426 sm
This ‘Evening Magazine’ marked floatplane is owned by, or sponsored by, local TV news station King5. It is heading out slowly for taking off. I thought it took a surprisingly short distance to accelerate enough to become airborne – but that’s probably because I am used to flying in much bigger commercial airplanes.


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