Thursday/ airport time again

IMG_6912 sm2
We’re taxiing out to the runway at San Francisco airport, and I am admiring the hulking frame of the Air France A380, about to depart for its 10h 35m flight to Paris.

Since I was in the City by the Bay all week, I could simply catch the BART train to the airport today.

There must have been many thousands of late summer visitors from overseas in San Francisco, because the security line to the gates at the International Terminal was the longest I had ever seen it.   I could use my pre-check status and use the expedited line, and it took barely three minutes to breeze through.

IMG_6894 sm
Here’s my ride to the office on Thursday morning.  Street car 1058 is painted in the Chicago Transit Authority’s “green hornet” livery. Chicago ran PCC streetcars from 1936 to 1958, and at one time had the largest PCC fleet ever purchased new by one city–683 cars.


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