Tuesday/ a sliver of time

I wondered what distance in the Olympic swimming pool for 0.01 seconds of time would come to. Well, let’s see. Swimmers go at it at about 5 miles per hour.  There are 1,600 meters in a mile.  So 5 miles/ hour x1,600 m/ mile /(3,600 sec/hour)*0.01 sec = 0.0022 m. That’s 22 mm, or just about one inch.  I hope the swimming pool contractor built the pool as a perfect rectangle.  One lane that is an inch longer than another, can make the difference between gold and silver!

But never mind the hundredth of a second for swimming. Here’s German cyclist Kristina Vogel edging out James of Great Britain by .. looks like 4 thousands of a second, for the gold.  Whoah.

8-16-2016 10-52-17 PM
At this year’s Rio 2016 Olympics, OMEGA debuted their Scan-O-Vision Myria photo finish camera, which can take up to 10,000 digital images every second.

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