Tuesday/ the Soberanos fire

3-D-Map-of-Soberanes-Fire-1-am-PDT-August-7-2016 sm
3-D Map of the Soberanes Fire showing the perimeter at 1 a.m. PDT August 7, 2016. MODIS, Google, USFS, Wildfire Today

The massive Soberanos wildfire here in the mountains south of Monterey Bay was in day 19 on Tuesday and only 50% contained. The fire was caused by someone who lit an illegal campfire near a waterfall off the Soberanes Canyon Trail in Garrapata State Park).   It now covers almost 60,000 acres (93 square miles) over rugged, inaccessible terrain.

This progression map shows in green where the fire started and in the yellow and red (most recently), how it expanded.

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