Sunday/ Seattle Art Fair

I went to the Seattle Art Fair here in the city today.  Check it out .. here are some of my favorites.  (Pictures taken with my phone.  I was a little surprised that they allowed us to take pictures.   Even so, I tried not to go overboard with taking pictures).

IMG_6505 sm
Inside the Art Fair. The Fair featured galleries and exhibitors from cities across the USA, as well as from Tokyo, Vancouver and Paris. It’s only its second year, and I overheard an exhibitor say this year’s exhibit was quite a bit bigger than the first one had been.
IMG_6508 sm
This looks a little like a reinterpretation of ‘The Landing of the Pilgrims’, by Henry A. Bacon, 1877. It is called ‘In Empathy We Trust’ and is a combined effort of Elizabeth Kleinveld and Epaul Julien, both from New Orleans.
IMG_6514 sm
This is actually a coffee table with mirrors and lighting that creates the illusion of endless depth when you peer into it from the top. (I did not take note of the artist).
IMG_6526 sm
This artwork hails from Tokyo, Japan. It is called ‘Cycloid III’ by Mariko Mori. 2015, Aluminum, paint and lacquer H203×W202.1×196.2 cm.
IMG_6530 sm
Art from Tokyo with manga elements, presented by the KaiKai KiKi Gallery in New York City, but I did not see the name of the artist next to the artwork.
IMG_6531 sm
More art from Tokyo, this one by artist Shintaro Miyake, and titled ‘Court of Great King Enma’ (2014). The characters are inspired by Buddhism.
IMG_6533 sm
This is a Dale Chihuly lamp (Chihuly is a glass sculptor from Tacoma). Interesting, but a little too wild from my old house, I am afraid.
IMG_6539 sm
Can you guess the artist? Andy Warhol, of course. It is from 1983, and called ‘Eagle’.
IMG_6541 sm
The colorful silkscreen prints are called Ups and Downs (2013), by an artist called Kaws.
IMG_6547 sm
This young man is called Summer Knight (2016). Oil on canvas by artist Tatsuhito Horikoshi.
IMG_6578 sm
Wow. Three dimensional art by Christopher David White. A little creepy, no? Not something to bump into on one’s way to the kitchen for a midnight snack!
IMG_6586 sm
These are called Las Amazonas (2008) by Walter Robinson. The non-smiles on the smiley faces are upside down smiles from the Amazon logo. (Maybe the little faces represent ‘buyer’s remorse’?)
IMG_6596 sm
The entrance. The event was held in the Century Link conference center. There was a baseball game right next door at the Safeco Field stadium. Yes : I chose art over baseball. Hey, to each his own, right?
IMG_6592 sm
I really liked this black and white work of art with its child-like elements, but did not note the artist.

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