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We need a new Prime Minister, new Top Gear presenter, new England football manager and Wales are losing. How does it feel to be the nation’s last hope? .. asked a BBC reporter of tennis player Andy Murray at Wimbledon, three days ago. (Wales lost to Portugal in soccer’s EuroCup 2016). ‘Is it really that bad?’ was his response.  And win Murray did, coming away today with the 2016 Wimbledon Mens Singles title, his second. He beat Canadian Milos Raonic* in straight sets : 6-4, 7-6 (3), 7-6 (2), so two tie-breakers, though.

*Raonic was born in the former Yugolavia, now known as Montenegro. (Montenegro means Black Mountain).

Andy1 AM sm
Here’s Murray chatting with Prince William and his wife – Kate Middleton aka the Duchess of Cambridge – (confession : I had to brush up on my British royalty titles by looking hers up) after his victory. I stumbled upon the live footage in Facebook Live.  I think the technology is now at the point in many places (connectivity and bandwidth) where you can just follow someone with an iPhone camera shooting video, and beam it across the world through the internet.  Amazing.  Oh .. and I love the Malaria NO MORE patch on his shirt sleeve.   It’s a non-profit based in Seattle and a mission to stop malaria deaths. 
Andy 2 AM
.. and here he is in an interview three days earlier, asked what it feels like to be the nation’s ‘last hope’?

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