Wednesday/ the 10-year T-note at a record low

The U.S. 10-Year Treasury Yield closed at a record low on Tuesday, falling below 1.4% for the first time on record.  Some traders think there is room for it to fall even lower, all the way down to 1.00.  So .. should I rush out and buy that new car (with borrowed money)? Should home-owners with mortgages look at refinancing? Yes.  Should savers keep their money in bonds or in fixed deposits? No.  Well, unless you are a millionaire, just need to preserve your wealth, and don’t really need the interest to counter inflation.  Then again, inflation is going nowhere the next 10 years, is the thinking now.  So!  I guess it’s the stock market for all the rest of the 99 percenters.  Let’s ride the rollercoaster, Brexit or whatever may come.


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