Wednesday/ a ‘big splash’

‘Alright, people’, said the partner in charge of our presentation prep, ‘no more changes‘ (to the presentation materials). ‘We’re at the top of the water slide, and we have started down.  Let’s make a big splash’. 

presThis was at 9 this morning, as we went through the set of PowerPoint slides one more time.  The presentation’s duration was a total of 2 hours, and our presentation team was six strong.  So I actually had only five slides to talk about !  The slide comes up, you make your points, your pitch, explain what the proposed solution is, and then you might get peppered with questions from the audience.  We had rehearsed our talking points and answers five or six times (!) the last three days, and it helped a lot this afternoon at the presentation, to make us come across as prepared, confident and familiar with the materials.

So at 12 noon sharp, and sharply dressed, we drove out to San Ramon on the east side of the Bay.  We ended up sitting in between 20 or so people in a U-shaped layout. (Sometimes the presentation team all sit at the front).   I’m happy to report that it went well, I did not single-handedly torpedo our efforts with any faux pas – and we hope to find out in the next few days that we had won the work!

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