Friday/ the maple tree next door : no more

Our departure last night from San Francisco was delayed by 3 hours due to 60 mph winds, but I finally made it in a little after midnight.  The big maple tree in my neighbor’s back yard had been in bad shape (rot in the tree trunk, main branches) for a number of years now, and a note in my mailbox said that they had scheduled it to be taken out today.  So this morning I kept track of the activities (hard to ignore with all the chainsaw noise!), and in the space of 5 short hours or so, the whole tree had been taken down – all the way to the ground. There was a wood chipper on hand as well, to make it easy to take away the wood.   Here is a sequence of pictures.   I was sad to see the tree go, but it will certainly let in a lot more afternoon sunlight into the western rooms of my house.

5-20-2016 6-02-14 PM

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