Thursday/ the street cars on a map

The street car that took me to downtown to the office this morning is Italian-made, No 1893.  It may have done service in Milan in the 1970s, since it said ‘29 posti a sedere‘ (29 seats) inside above its slatted wooden benches, and a ‘uscita’ (exit) by the back door.   Check out this animated map from web site, that shows the where the street cars are at any point in time, here.

Correction : these street cars are called Peter Witt-type street cars, and were designed and built in the USA.  This street car has Italian signage because it was exported to Milan, and did some service there, before it was bought many decades later in 1998 by the City of San Francisco.

IMG_5266 sm

5-19-2016 7-12-32 PM
The website shows the street car positions in real time on an animated map. This is the F line that runs along Market Street and along the Embarcadero.

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