Saturday errands

I drove out to the South Lake Union on Saturday to 1. take my old camera to Glazer’s Camera (got a $300 exchange voucher for it, not bad), and 2. to finally hand in the modem that my internet service provider has been charging me $10 a month for.  (More a matter of principle than a matter of saving money.  I’m not paying $10 monthly ‘rent’ for an item that costs $80 outright!).

IMG_5144 sm
Here is the view from 2200 Westlake towards downtown Seattle. The streetcar is waiting for the light. The black triangular building to its right was given a new outside just last year. And the Amazon biospheres and new headquarters are visible, further back.   I believe the new construction on top of the grey building on the left is an office block, not condos or apartments.  

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