Friday/ the Nordic flags

How well do you know the Nordic countries’ flags?  Check them out on the cool dessert from Friday night’s state dinner hosted by the Obamas in Washington DC!

Dessert offered to guests at Friday night’s combined ‘Nordic’ State dinner in the Capitol for the heads of state from (flags on the ship mast from left to right after the US flag : Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden).

P. S. Friday marked the end of a dizzying week in which there had been revelations on a daily basis in the national media about Republican presidential candidate Trump.  Here is a sample.  1. His tax returns are ‘none of your business’ he snapped back at George Stephanopoulos (former White House communications director, now ABC news anchor). Presidential candidates have released their tax returns since Richard Nixon had done that in.  2012 Presidential candidate Mitt Romney calls this ‘disqualifying’ for a candidate running for president.   2. The Washington Post revealed that/ reminded voters that in 1991 Trump would call up reporters, posing as his own ‘PR man’ as ‘John Miller’ or ‘John Barron’, discussing his divorce proceedings, and how he should be portrayed in the media, and that he is ‘starting to do really well financially’.  Here’s the thing.  Pressed about it on Friday morning on the Today show, Trump now he denies outright that it was him.  ‘No, that doesn’t sound like me. Wasn’t me’.   3.  His crude objectifying of women on Howard Stern’s radio shows from those days got more air again, this week. 4.  Mr Trump seemed to back away from his controversial statements on the campaign trail such as the ban on Muslims entering the USA, saying all his positions are merely ‘suggestions’ and that everything is ‘negotiable’.   5.  Still no endorsement from Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, after the much hyped-up meeting on Thursday.

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