Monday/ good times in Leicester City

5-2-2016 9-26-35 PM
I had to put Leicester City on a Google Map to see exactly where it is (exactly at the center of gravity of the UK, it seems!).
5-2-2016 9-23-05 PM
Pub-goers celebrate the moment it became clear that their team had won the Premier League. Look at those faces :).

I don’t follow any of the soccer leagues closely, but there were several articles in the news lately, describing the against-all-odds run of the Leicester* City soccer team in the Premier League this past season.  (They have just won it, with the outcome of a match between Tottenham and Chelsea making Leicester City end at the top of the league, and by a wide margin).

Sports commentators describe it as the greatest season in sports history. The full story in the New York Times reports that the Leicester team’s payroll is roughly a quarter of Chelsea’s when it won the 2014-15 title, and that they finished 14th last season, and that their escape from relegation is a story (and a soccer miracle) all its own.

*Say LESS-ter

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