Monday/ the new South Lake Union

I wanted to go check up on the latest construction in Seattle’s South Lake Union district, and went there with the light rail train and South Lake Union street car on Sunday afternoon.   Soon after I got there, a persistent downpour started, and I had to curtail my picture-taking and call it quits.

IMG_5328 sm
One of the (relatively) new ‘Day One’ Amazon office buildings with a touch of artsy whimsy on the corner.
IMG_5331 sm
The building in the middle of the picture is an apartment block, with more under construction. Many of the new buildings are apartment blocks, so that people can live and work in South Lake Union (is that a good thing, to live so close to one’s work?. Good and bad, I suppose).
IMG_5330 sm
The open spaces are nicely done. Hopefully some greenery will appear to chase away the browns and grays, now that spring is here.
IMG_3589 sm
This is Amazon property, between two office buildings called Day One* North and Day One South, but a plaque says the public is welcome to use it. *Day One, since the technology revolution is in it ‘infancy’.
IMG_3599 sm
Here is an interactive display in one of the windows, with passers-by given the opportunity to take pictures of their mugs, which are then incorporated into the collages. (So of course I looked into the camera. I’m on the far right with black hair and .. part of an old bathysphere outfit?).

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