Friday/ Levi’s Stadium for Superbowl 50

Oracle’s app for ordering food.

There was a time when the only jeans I wore were Levi’s 505 Regular Fit Jeans, but nowadays I prefer jeans with a little stretch in.  Anyway : Levi’s Stadium is the high-tech stadium in the city of Santa Clara in Silicon Valley where Sunday’s Superbowl 50 game will take place.  Check out the countdown to the big event here.

With ticket prices reportedly averaging $5,000 (whoah), the sponsors are pulling out all the stops to make for a good ‘fan experience’.  An estimated 75,000 beers, 50,000 hot chocolates & coffees, and 75,000 chicken tenders will be scarfed up by the fans during game time.   Oracle built an app for ordering food that can be delivered to your seat. There is also an instant replay function available on the app. That is going to take some serious connectivity and bandwidth hardware to beam video out to those thousands of iPads and iPhones out there!

Where’s the L? (Superbowl numbers normally use Roman letters, but the marketers decided the L stands for Loser, it seems!  The Wall Street Journal of Thursday reported that an attempt was made for several months to use an L, but then abandoned, and the 50 was adopted.)

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