Thursday/ all eyes on Iowa

There was yet another Republican Presidential candidate debate, this one in Des Moines, Iowa on Thu night.  Mr Donald Trump was AWOL, the result of a tiff between him and the Fox News TV Channel.   The pundits say it’s between Trump and the Texan senator Ted Cruz (that was born in Canada, as Trump reminds voters every day now).  The Iowa caucuses are on Monday, officially kicking off the 2016 USA Presidential election.

The problem with Iowa’s way of voting is that you have to physically show up at the caucus events. As the Des Moines Register (local newspaper points out), the caucus process takes two hours and inadvertently disqualifies a lot of voters.    ‘When you go to the caucus, if you go, on Monday night, look to your left and your right and imagine the people who are not there, the ones not participating in this so-called great example of “participatory democracy.” You will not see the voter who has too many health issues, the shift worker, the emergency services worker, the voter with social anxiety, the voter who got sick the last time they caucused, the voter who wants to vote in private, the abused woman who is still in hiding, the snow bird who is gone every winter, the voter on a business trip, the person in the hospital and the voter without child care’.

IMG_2453 sm
Donald Trump at the podium at his own event on Thu night. That web site was registered on Thursday. And some vet organizations point out that Trump fought a New York City law that allowed vets to be vendors on the street in front of Trump’s properties (so that they can earn a living).

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