Tuesday/ five planets at once

Check out this New York Times article that gives pointers as to how to see five planets all at once in the night sky.  This sighting will be possible only for the next three weeks or so . .. but then from Aug 13 to 19 there will be an opportunity for Southern Hemisphere stargazers to see the five planets in the dusk sky.

Five Planets
Here’s why Earthlings can see five planets at once for the next few weeks. (But as soon as the sun comes up, the show is over).
27planets-superJumbo sm
Here’s a picture taken by Greg Hogan, an amateur astronomer from Kathleen, Ga. He used a 7D with an 8 mm fisheye lens with a 10 second exposure, and went to a nearby wilderness area called Oaky Woods early in the morning for the picture, and used a mobile app called SkyGuide to locate the planets in the sky.

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