Sunday/ Seattle’s new street car

Our new First Hill street car (a train car that runs on the street) has finally started operating here in Seattle – two years later than originally planned – and we went for a jolly ride on it today to check it out.  There are six street cars, with a cost about $3.7 million each, and they were manufactured in the Czech Republic. The street cars have batteries and can travel briefly off-wire (to avoid conflicts with bus wires here and there), which complicated the design and construction.

After we had arrived at Pioneer Square, we walked around for a bit and then hopped onto the Link Light Rail train close by took it two stops up to downtown Seattle, and then took a city bus from there back up to Capitol Hill.  All very nice; one just has to be prepared to wait for a little while (as much as 15 mins) at the transfer points.

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Here’s a map and details of the car from a promotional flyer published by Seattle Street Car.
IMG_2388 sm
Here’s the yellow car that we took from Broadway down to Pioneer Square in downtown Seattle. It had arrived at the final stop at Pioneer Square and is about to start back out again toward First Hill and Capitol Hill. The driver just switches to the cabin (there’s one on each end of the train) on the new ‘front’ end of the train.
IMG_2390 sm
Here’s part of Pioneer Square, the original old downtown Seattle.
IMG_2397 sm
This plaza is in Pioneer Square as well.
IMG_2393 sm
This is inside the Glasshouse Studio on Pioneer Square.
IMG_2417 sm
This is inside the Pioneer Square transit station that serves buses and the Sound Transit Light Rail trains (one just arriving; we are waiting for one in the opposite direction, though).
IMG_2425 sm
I walked down to Broadway again on Sunday afternoon and spotted this gold street car ..
IMG_2432 sm
.. and also this white one that says ‘little saigon’. There’s a hot pink street car and a sky blue one as well; and one more – that I don’t know the color of.

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