Thursday/ the Bell Tower

The Bell Tower is touted as Perth’s top tourist attraction (think: Seattle’s Space Needle), and so I had to go check it out.  The surrounding area is still a major construction zone though : the $400 million Perth waterfront redevelopment project has been three years in the making and is now at least two years behind schedule. (Mmm.  Seems very similar to the Bertha tunnel boring machine & waterfront development project’s delays in Seattle!).

IMG_1421 sm
Here are the attractions close to the Esplanade station where we stepped off the train.
IMG_1455 sm
The Bell Tower’s sides are ‘sails’ .. a nod to Perth’s maritime history and connections as a port city, of course.
IMG_1448 sm
These bells are connected to a computerized jukebox. For a dollar, anyone can pick a song, and then the bells play the song. Several national anthems were offered as well – and so I picked the Star Spangled Banner, of course.
IMG_1439 sm
Here’s the view from the Bell Tower’s viewing deck northwards, of the city’s skyline. Three years in (work started in 2012), and there seems to be a long way to go  with the work on the waterfront project.
IMG_1458 sm
The ‘cat’ bus offers free transportation around the city.  CAT stands for Central Area Transit.


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