Saturday/ Illahee State Park

IMG_8382 sm
Is this fish mailbox too kitsch? (It’s a bass). I like it but I’m sure it is not everyone’s taste!

Illahee State Park is a 75-acre Washington state park located in the hamlet of Illahee, just north of East Bremerton, on Port Orchard Bay, part of Puget Sound. The word ‘Illahee’ means earth or country in Native American tradition. [Source : Wikipedia].

We made a stop there on Saturday as part of an overnight outing to Paul’s place in Hansville.  There was rain and cool weather on the Kitsap Peninsula on Saturday, which we welcomed. The rain did not make it all the way across the sound to the city, but it may get there on Sunday.

Illahee State Park
Here is our drive around the Sound (about 90 miles/ 145 km). The black dot at the bottom of the blue route is Tacoma, and one crosses the Tacoma Narrows bridge to get to the Kitsap Peninsula.  Illahee State Park is on Pert Orchard Bay.
IMG_4107 sm
The sun managed to squeeze its rays through the clouds and the horizon as it was setting.  This view is from Paul’s house in Hansville and was just a little bit before 9 pm.

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