Monday/ they took my windows!

IMG_3860 sm 2
Look Ma! No window!
IMG_3862 sm 2
Is there a hurricane coming to Seattle? No .. my windows are in for repairs, that’s all.

(I did not make it out to San Francisco on Monday due to a bad cold).  My old house’s wood-frame windows with their double glazing (two panes of glass filled with gas) had started to fog up inside with water vapor some time ago, and so it had become time to send them in for repairs.

I was barely up when Bryan and Paul (the famous and well-known among friends here ‘Double Dog’ contractors) showed up and in a shockingly short time had the four sets of double hung windows out of their frames.  The Cherry Creek Window van (company that will repair the windows) was already waiting outside and took them in.  So .. can someone not come and easily steal my house’s windows?  I wanted to know from Bryan.  The answer : the thieves would have to be inside the house – but then why would they? the windows are made for your house in a custom size.

So now I have a house with a hurricane-battened-down-the-hatches look for a few days until the windows come back!

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