Sunday/ Hillary for President

Hillary Clinton announced her candidacy for the 2016 presidential election only today, on Sunday (by publishing a video) ..  but this was known ahead of time, and was good enough to serve as pre-emptive fodder for a Saturday Night Live skit about it.  I think it is very funny. Husband ‘Bill Clinton’ makes a surprise appearance (of course). ‘Aren’t we such a fun, approachable dynasty?’ she asks at one point.  Check out the YouTube video here.

4-12-2015 8-54-42 PM
‘Hillary, you will make a GREAT president, and I will make an EVEN GREATER First Dude!’ says ‘President Bill Clinton’ (played by Darrell Hammond).
4-12-2015 8-52-24 PM
‘Citizens, you will elect me! I will be your leader!’ says Hillary (Kate McKinnon) in her first attempt at making a campaign video of herself.
4-12-2015 8-53-43 PM
‘Now hold up your phone, and you can .. just look natural’, instructs ‘Mrs Clinton”s assistant.


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