Saturday/ doing my taxes

I finally knuckled down on Saturday3-28-2015 3-10-13 PM and submitted my 2014 federal and state tax forms (due April 15th here in the USA).   It was the first time in many years that I had to get my hands dirty and do the work myself (previous years I could have my Firm’s tax people do it!  but not this year).  I selected TurboTax tax software to prepare and file the forms electronically.   The outcome : NO tax refund for me! I have to send in a check since I paid too little during the year.   The most unsettling thing of e-filing tax returns for me was entering my Social Security Number on-line.  Identity theft and tax refund fraud have skyrocketed in recent years .. and the IRS is simply not equipped to handle all the thievery.  Come on, IRS people and broken, squabbling Congress !  Get some funds and put better processes, checks and systems in place !


Tea Party
Yes, we know how you feel .. but please note 1. It’s amendment. 2. So cut the US Defense Budget by 18%? I’m all for that. 3. Not so sure about doing away with Social Security and healthcare for everyone. You will grow old as well. 4. And finally – like it or not – as an American you own the payment of a little interest on the US $18 trillion national debt every year.


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