Tuesday/ dinner in the dark

The power outage from the PG& E website. It later turned out to be a transformer that went out, that caused the power outage.

‘Do I really need to go?’ I asked the Project Manager on Tuesday : to a team dinner for all of us in Walnut Creek. ‘Yes! – everyone is going, and the food will be great!’ he said.   Well, we had barely settled in, all 36 of us, when the lights went out completely.  ‘Should you guys not go back to work, and get the lights back on?’ joked the waiter.  Um, noo, we said, we work in the Gas business of PG&E, so go and get our food cooked, please.    Well, so they did, and they got the food to the table.   They did very well given that they must have had the kitchen lit up with candles and flash lights.  They bill for the evening was presented in handwritten format on a long scroll of paper.  The cash register was out as well, of course!

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