Friday/ a hungry hippo and a song

I saw an amazing clip on TV today1-16-2015 10-05-41 PM of a hippo chasing a boat with tourists in Zambia.  I found it on the Huffington Post Live’s website, here. The hippo is Africa’s most dangerous animal : more so than lions, leopards and crocodiles.



My other on-line quest was to find the singer of an ’80s song called ‘Everything is Coming Up Roses’.  A brand-new song on iTunes 1-16-2015 11-03-55 PMwith the same name triggered the memory.  Nah, I don’t like this new one, I thought.  But who sang that song that I remember? Can I buy it? Turned out no – the 1987 version sung by ‘Black’ (Colin Vearncombe) is not for sale on iTunes, nor on Amazon Music.  But I did find it on YouTube, as a music video, and I would have to listen to it that way.

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  1. Amo demais esse cantor, Black / Colin Vearncombe. Procure saber mais a respeito dele. Foi um dos maiores nomes da música mundial… para mim é o maior, sem dúvida. Ouça a música “Whole Wide World” e verá a voz fantástica que ele tinha. Faleceu em 26/01/2016.
    Ouça “Hey Presto”, “Liquid Dream”, “Stephen”, “River Ride Women”, “Under Wraps” e por fim “Wonderful Life”

    Translation: I love this singer very much, Black / Colin Vearncombe. Find out more about him. It was one of the biggest names in world music … for me it’s the biggest, no doubt. Listen to the song “Whole Wide World” and you will see the fantastic voice it had. Died 26/01/2016.
    Listen to “Hey Presto”, “Liquid Dream”, “Stephen”, “River Ride Women”, “Under Wraps” and finally “Wonderful Life”

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