Thursday/ Christmas Day

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The Poodle Dog Restaurant off Highway 99 was started in 1933, originally in railcars, and still serves classic greasy spoon diner food.
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I love truss bridges like these, but man! most were built shortly after World War II and are 50 years old. This is in the Tacoma area.
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The Tacoma Narrows Bridge is a pair of twin suspension bridges that span the Tacoma Narrows strait of Puget Sound, and connects Tacoma with the Kitsap peninsula. We’re traveling westbound on the older of the two bridges. The oncoming traffic’s bridge is new and was completed in 2007.
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Christmas Day, and we’re inspecting the seawall along the properties. Logs, rocks, seawalls – all help to stabilize the land .. but they interfere with the inter-tidal habitat of little creatures in the sand and on the coast. The new seawall along Seattle’s waterfront will try to mimic some of the features of a coastline with steps and terraces.
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There are little trails in the woods around Hansville as well. The trail was a little squishy but not too muddy.
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And of course, here is the sunset. The sun sets far to the south on the western horizon at this time of year.

Paul, Thomas and I set out for Paul’s ‘beach’ house in Hansville on Wednesday night. The wait at the Edmonds-Kingston ferry crossing was so long, that we drove the long way around south through Tacoma, and up north again to get to Hansville on the Hood Canal.     Tacoma is sometimes called Seattle’s step sister-city, but she definitely has her charms : great views of the south Puget Sound and much more affordable living than Seattle.


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