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I made it in to Seattle. The four days out at our client project site went by quickly.  It always does when we are busy.   I made my way through security and onto the Alaska Airlines flight. While we were at the gate waiting to get pushed back, there was a young woman sitting next to me juggling two iPhones on her lap.  From what I could tell she was feverishly sending and receiving e-mails on her two iPhones.  So I was relieved when the airplane door was just and she had to turn the two phones off.  Man!  Give it up!

IMG_5499 sm
Here’s a cute little guy from the display cases in the San Francisco airport museum promoting Drewry’s Beer. The brewery started in Canada, and was then brewed in Indiana after Prohibition ended in 1933. They sent their first US-brewed case of beer to President Franklin Roosevelt.

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