9/11 : 13 years later

When I came home tonight, the original broadcast of the 9/11 events from 2001 was on MSNBC with minimal edits.  I was already in Seattle in 2001, living in a one bedroom apartment, and woke up to the sight on TV of one of the Twin Towers that had been struck by the hijacked airplane.   I called my dad and we talked on the phone for a little bit, and then I did not quite know if I should drive down to Weyerhaeuser Company where I worked at the time – but I did.

Here’s to never forgetting 9/11, all its victims and the first responders that lost their lives as well on that terrible day.

IMG_5426 sm
The SAP mouse pad on my desk (circa 1995) in my home study has the former Work Trade Center’s Twin Towers on.

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