Friday/ summer travel

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This is Thu night after my arrival from Denver, at Sea-Tac airport. I am waiting in line with about a dozen people for an empty little Yellow Cab to show up (like the one in the background).   P.S.  Yes, we’re a bunch of greenies here in Seattle – the taxi company is trying hard to make its patrons NOT feel guilty about taking the taxi and not the light rail train or a bus!
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Tracy Taylor from King5 news telling drivers to the Mariners (baseball) and Sounders (soccer) games this weekend to pack a lot of patience. Westbound highway I-90 is going from 4 lanes to one for a week, and 60% of the drivers will have to find alternative routes into the city.

Ah, the joys of summer : long days of sunlight, nice weather*, hopefully some time away from work to relax. But for frequent travelers (me), there are even more people at the airport, the airplanes seem even fuller, and sometimes you have to wait 15 or 20 mins for a taxi whereas in winter there is no wait at all. (Admittedly winter brings other travel challenges like snow!).

*Or not so nice? It’s warm and very dry, and out in eastern Washington State howling winds fan a set of wildfires called the ‘Carlton Complex’ that have scorched 213,000 acres so far.


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