Sunday/ soccer from Manaus

Cities of Brazil
Do you know the other cities in Brazil (other than Sao Pualo, Rio and Brasilia?). Here’s a map from the FIFA website with the host cities. Manaus is in the Amazon, at the confluence of the Negro (Black) and Solimões (how the Amazon River is known in this part of Brazil) rivers.

I watched the USA-Portugal game this afternoon, played in the city of Manaus in the middle of the Amazon in a controversial $300 million stadium.  (The city has no top-flight professional sports team, and Manaus is 4 hours’ flying from any other city).  

WC summary 01
From the New York Times : Here are the groups and the teams that have secured a place in the next round, those that still have to battle it out, and those that have already been disqualified (notably Spain and England).

Anyway, as everyone was watching the clock run out on the match with the USA at 2-1, Ronaldo made a perfect cross-kick in literally the final minute. His teammate Varela scored a goal with a dive header to make it a 2-2 draw. Man!

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