Thursday/ the Western Cape is blue

Yesterday was Election Day in South Africa (the national elections is held every 5 years), so I had to check in on the results.   The election is the first one after Nelson Mandela’s death, and marks the 20th anniversary since he was elected South Africa’s first post-apartheid president.   As for the 2014 elections, seems to me there are no major surprises so far : the African National Congress (ANC) is on the way to win in all the provinces except the Western Cape. The Democratic Alliance holds sway there.  The support for any party after these two falls off precipitously, but hey – they keep trying.  There is the Economic Freedom Fighters with some support, and way, way down the list with 3,000 votes nationally, the Keep It Straight and Simple Party (KISS).  The KISS party’s logo is a kiss imprint of two lips. Yes.

South Africa Elections sm
The 2014 election results as of Thursday, reported by the website.

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