Wednesday / the Delectable Egg

IMG_1744 sm
There is French toast on the menu of the Delectable Egg breakfast restaurant here in Denver as well.

We walk by the cute ‘Delectable Egg’ breakfast restaurant every day on the way to work here in Denver, and it always seems to be packed.  Since we stay in the Sheraton is right across from it this week, we decided to give it a shot.  Of course the menu has a Denver omelette on  : omelette filled with ham, cheese, green peppers,  onions.  One legend has it that the name was given by cooks working on the transcontinental railroad (although no mention of ‘Denver omelette’ appears in documents of the time).    Anyway  : our verdict is that the eggs served up are quite ordinary.  One more criticism : the coffee was too weak. So we will not go back frequently as regulars.

Check out the beautiful colors in the sky from my hotel room window on Wednesday morning.

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