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All fixed up with a new joint from my house into the line that goes out to the main line in the street.

In the news from the home front this week for me: what started as a blockage in a downstairs toilet, turned out to have been caused by a serious blockage in the sewer line going from my house to the street (it was plugged up with several feet of a fine network of plant roots).

In the news for the USA this week : 1. Obamacare enrollment for its inaugural year ended Monday. The new law is a success: 7.1 million people signed up, exceeding the target despite the glitches in the website all October of last year.   2. An Iraq vet being treated for mental health issues killed thee people on the Ft Hood base in Texas before killing himself.   3. The March jobs number is 192k, falling short of the 200k expected. Unemployment unchanged at 6.7%.    4.  Will the searchers ever find that lost Malaysian Airlines jet?

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Here’s the sunset I saw in Denver on Thursday night.  I’m about to step onto the Seattle bound plane.
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Spring on 16th Ave in the Capitol Hill neighborhood in Seattle.
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Check out CNN’s summary of the search areas for the flight MH 370 jet, and where they will focus the search efforts next.
Jobs Gap
[Source :]  There is long way to go to recoup the job losses of 2008’s crisis. What the graph shows is that at the current rate (the purple line), we will only have regained the 2008 job losses in 2018. Even the most optimistic number will have us arrive there in 2015. The composition of the workforce will change dramatically over the next two decades : about 10,000 baby boomers will turn 65 EVERY DAY for the next 19 years!


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