Friday/ what happened to flight MH370?

IMG_1347 sm
This is about 5.45 pm on Friday evening; I am walking up the hill back to my house from the barber shop some 12 blocks away.  The persistent rain had finally stopped on Friday. The Space Needle is in the distance, on the far left of the picture.

I came home shortly before 6 pmALeqM5hUF3ta_vAkP9t1GE1igW06lp1g1g on Friday night, in from the barber shop. Man!  Sean my barber was even chattier than usual, sometimes completely stopping with my hair, and looking at me while he talks.  Uh-huh. Yes, I agree, I would say, trying not to encourage him too much to keep on talking : ).

As soon as I turned the TV on at home, I learned of the missing airplane from Air Malaysia. The latest reports say that ships have been dispatched to look for signs of the aircraft in the South China Sea.

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