Tuesday/ watch your step!

IMG_0676 sm
The 0 is Fahrenheit, so it’s -17°C.
IMG_0673 sm
My colleague and I are standing at the traffic light.  By the end of the day the light snow has started to stick on the street surfaces and sidewalks that had been cleaned earlier.

We are at zero here in Denver (that’s 0 °F/ -17°C), but my colleague and I were up to it to walk the few blocks back to the hotel.  We brought wool sweaters to pull over our dress shirts (with a stuffed overcoat), and heavy wool hats to pull over our heads and ears.   I covered the rest of my face with my gloves as I walked. Yikes! You have to!  The cold is stinging. The real hazards to watch for though, are the slippery sidewalks and street crossings.   Watch for cars at the intersection.  You may have permission to ‘Walk’ from the green man on the traffic light, but incoming cars may not be able to stop!

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