Sunday/ Seahawks rout Broncos 43-8

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson receives the trophy after his team’s Superbowl win on Sunday [Picture from Yahoo home page]
The Seattle Seahawks are the Superbowl Champs!  Congratulations!  There was a little fireworks display at the Space Needle afterwards, and we could hear people cheering inside the apartments and condos and houses here in the downtown area.  It was the Seahawks from the start .. just 12 seconds into the game they had 2 points on the board.  In the game’s first snap* the ball flew by Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning and into their end zone for a a Seattle Seahawks safety (2 points). Confession : snap and safety are new terms for me.  It would be 36-0 before the Broncos got on the scoreboard .. but they never really were in the game, once it had started.

*the backwards passing of the ball at the start of play from scrimmage

Dan Wentzel wrote on Yahoo Sports just after the game : Seattle plays in the Pacific Northwest, far from the nation’s traditional media centers, lacks many household stars and is led by a coach in Carroll who is rarely credited for his coaching acumen.  Whatever doubts were out there, were unfounded. They didn’t need stars or gaudy stats. Seattle had a team – clearly the best team in the NFL.

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