Friday/ the Apple Mac is 30

TheMacat30The Apple McIntosh is 30 years old, and Apple is celebrating it with a timeline on their website, here.  (Click on Mac timeline). In 1987 when I was a student, I did use the university’s Apple Mac II. (The basic system with its 20 MB drive and monitor cost more than $5,000).  Today we carry hundreds of times more powerful computing power and storage capacity in our pockets, of course .. AND we are connected to the internet, back then barely in existence and certainly not available outside research and military institutions.

So what do I use today? Well, an IBM Thinkcentre desktop with Windows 8 at home, a Lenovo Thinkpad with Windows 7 for work, and then my Apple iPad and Apple iPhone.  Each has its own area of strength, and they are somewhat connected, but not fully.   For example, I back up my digital media onto the W8 desktop with Apple’s iTunes, and the rest to an attached external drive. Everything does not always work nicely together.  Just this morning the lastest iTunes software update turned out to be incompatible with Windows 8.  I took awhile to fix it, grr.  1. Rebooting everything did not help.  2. Reinstalling iTunes did not work.  Of course, no earlier iTunes version to download, either. 3.  Forget Windows Troubleshooter to find the problem.  4. Now it is war. Uninstall everything Apple, including a software app called Bonjour.  Good day and good-bye, since I don’t even know what you do monsieur!  5. Reinstall iTunes with Internet Explorer’s download, in case using Google Chrome for downloading did something different.    6. Try again .. voila!  It works.

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