Thursday/ ‘Time to Ride’

‘Time to ride’ say the banners here in Denver : a broncosreference to the Denver Broncos’ mascot, and their Superbowl match-up on Sunday Feb 2 against the Seattle Seahawks.

There was a little snow on the ground this morning; just enough to make it too cold and too difficult to walk to the office – especially with one’s roller bag luggage in tow. 14° F ( -10 °C) is definitely too frigid to be out and about! My name is not Robert Scott or Roald Amundsen!.  We managed to hail down a taxi to take us to the office, though.

IMG_0471 sm
The ‘Time to Ride’ Denver Broncos banner at the United Airlines check-in counter.
IMG_0466 sm
This is on the way to the airport.  This is a glimpse of the old Stapleton International Airport’s control tower. The airport was Denver, Colorado’s primary airport from 1929 to 1995. At different times it served as a hub for TWA, People Express, Frontier Airlines, Western Airlines, Continental Airlines and United Airlines. Nowadays there is low-income housing complexes and businesses nearby. I’m not sure what the ultimate fate of the control tower will be!
IMG_0454 sm
This is 7.30 am. My colleagues and I are contemplating if we should walk the 8 blocks to the office, or try to hail a cab. 

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