Thursday is fly-day

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Here’s the ‘Metro Taxi’ app that I used to order a taxi. I ordered one an hour ahead of time, but I guess one can stumble out of a restaurant, and see if any are nearby and summon one on the spot.

I am at Denver airport. It’s Thursday and so most of the travelers on the project – and me – are heading home tonight.  The office people here plan to wear something orange tomorrow to support the Denver Broncos in their bid against the New England Patriots for a place in the Superbowl final.   (And Seattle’s Seahawks play against the San Francisco 49ers this weekend.  In Seattle, the colors to wear are blue with a little lime green trim).

My colleague and I tried a new taxi service smart phone app; this one is called Metro Taxi.  It’s just a little easier to order a taxi than using the phone and yelling one’s name (and sometimes its spelling) into the phone for the dispatcher.  And here in Denver there seems to be a 5 minute or longer wait time for a dispatcher every time I call the cab company.

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In the cab and on the way to Denver airport. Easy Street wheat beer is brewed in Ft Collins, Colorado. The town is some 65 miles north of Denver, and was founded as a military outpost of the United States Army in 1864.
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And here is a snapshot of the light rail train station terminal that is slated for completion some time in 2015, that will connect the airport with the city.


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