Wednesday/ yikes! it’s cold!

IMG_9505 sm
It is -20°C (-4 °F) outside.
IMG_9495 sm
Here is the view of snow coming down on the Sherman Street Event Center and everything else, this morning from the 18th floor where I work.
IMG_9504 sm
The city of Denver has some 100 snow plows. This one may have a load of magnesium chloride as well. Magnesium chloride helps to prevent the ice bond, allowing snow plows to clear the roads more efficiently.

The snow plows were out in the wee hours of Wednesday morning already to clear the streets. Our hotel had a shuttle for us in to work, which was really nice.  But on the way back my colleague and I had to strike out on foot back to the hotel with our winter wear (scarf, gloves, woolen skull cap) and tread carefully on the icy streets and sidewalks.  It is really, really cold if one is not used to these temperatures (that would be me).  I think I should go out and buy a few pairs of long johns.

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