Tuesday/ digging deep for gold

I never knew : there are gold mines (in production) in the USA, and right here in Colorado. An old friend from South Africa was here in Denver on a business trip; he works for AngloGold Ashanti that is headquartered in Johannesburg.   The gold price has dropped about a third from its highs in recent years, but that is not stopping mines in South Africa from approaching the 4000 m mark (2.5 miles) underground.  Eight of the world’s 10 deepest mines are found in one area in South Africa, says this  mining technology website.

Denver RTD sm
My friend is about to step off the Light Rail train in downtown Denver, at the 18th & California station.  He is here on a business trip in the area and we went to dinner.  The light rail system here has 46 stations and 6 lines : way more than what we have in Seattle !
AGAMAP2013 sm
A map of the gold mines around the world, operated by AngloGold Ashanti. Number 10, the Cripple Creek & Victor mine, is just a two hour drive from Denver.

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