Friday/ drive to Ellensburg

Bryan and I drove out to Ellensburg on Friday (two hours and some from Seattle, depending on traffic). ¬†Bryan’s dad Dale received a Distinguished Alumnus Award from his alma mater in Ellensburg, Central Washington University.

Seattle to Ellensburg
Interstate 90 and Snoqualmie Pass gets one from Seattle across the Cascades to central Washington State and Ellensburg (pop. 18,000). The Cascade Range (or Cascades) is a major mountain range, extending from southern British Columbia (in Canada) through Washington and Oregon all the way into Northern California.
IMG_1493 sm2
This is Snoqualmie Pass (elevation 3,022′ /921 m) ans we are approaching the summit. The pass can get snowy in winter time and that sturdy barrier is to offer some protection against avalanches.
IMG_1495 sm2
These are the ski slopes (see the ski lifts?) at The Summit at Snoqualmie Pass. Yes, there is something important missing on the slopes : snow! Opening day is still several weeks away; anywhere from mid-November to the first 10 days of December.
IMG_1508 sm2
Our arrival into Ellensburg. The Red Horse Diner, sporting Pegasus the flying horse (Mobil’s old iconic logo), is just one of many retro diners and gas stations in and around Ellensburg.


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