Tuesday/ arrival in Toronto

Toronto is on the north west side of Lake Ontario.
IMG_8132 sm
Dinner was a Tim Norton’s chicken sandwich on ‘brown’ bread. They say ‘brown bread’ here (whole grain, as opposed to ‘white bread’), the same words I was raised on in South Africa.
IMG_8135 sm2
Here’s the lobby of the Royal York Fairmont where I am staying. It is smack bang in downtown Toronto, across from the PwC office, and defiantly standing its ground among the new high rises around it. It is after all the grand hotel that the city was built around.

My travels on Tuesday went without incident.  I stopped over in Chicago; and made it through Canada’s customs at Toronto airport without getting sent to the ‘problem with passport’ checkpoint (even though I have a US passport now, they black-marked me for ‘trying’ to get to the Canadian side of the Niagara falls in 1995 with my South African passport).  Of course there’s French everywhere.  Fin de trottoir, goes the French for ‘end of walkway’ in the airport, for example.  I only arrived at the hotel in downtown Toronto after 10.00 pm.  It’s always a challenge to get a decent bite to eat at that time on a week night, but there was a Tim Horton’s (Canada’s more-or-less equivalent of Starbucks, a fast casual restaurant known for its coffee and doughnuts) open right by the hotel.

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