Thursday/ that’s a polychoron

A tesseract or hypercube is a well-known polychoron.  It has 8 cells : count them and see if you agree !
IMG_7640 sm
No, it’s not a play park climbing structure, it’s .. geometry? art? both?  This one has a very large number of cells. 

There is an intriguing structure on display in downtown Seattle’s Westlake Center.  I walk by there on the way to my firm’s downtown office sometimes, and I finally took a picture.   So what is it?  Well, it’s a polychoron, but a very complicated one with 1-4-8-4-1 outside vertices (with the bottom vertex cut off to make it stand on its own!). Polychora are closed four-dimensional figures, with cells inside.   A tesseract has 8 cells, but the one at Westlake Center has too mind-bogglingly many too count.

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