Wednesday/ coming up for air

The beer! Grab the beer! says the guy in the leaky boat to his diving bud. ‘Lower de Boom1‘ is an 11.5% strong a/v beer from the 21st Amendment Brewery2 from San Francisco CA. (I didn’t drink any, just took the picture in the Giant Eagle grocery store here in the Pittsburgh area).

1Belgian-born ship owner Cornelius DeBoom set sail for San Francisco in the fall of 1848 when the news of the discovery of gold in California arrived.
2The Twenty-first Amendment (Amendment XXI) to the United States Constitution repealed the Eighteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution on December 5, 1933.  The 18th Amendment had mandated nationwide Prohibition on alcohol on January 17, 1920.

I have facilitated two days of workshops with one more to go (yay), and by tonight (Wednesday) I feel that I can come up for air for the first time.   We have participants from Sweden and the UK that came in on Monday night, so while I felt the three hour time difference from Seattle on Tuesday, they had to deal with even more jet lag.  But everyone was in better shape today.

IMG_6908 sm
Lower DeBoom is a strong barley-wine style craft beer from California.

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