Wednesday/ Thai food with a Singha

It’s Wednesday and three of us stopped at Ruan Thai for dinner.  The air outside is chilly, stagnant and bone dry, but that is set to change Thu and Fri with winds and lots of snow in the forecast.  The mountains are expected to get more than a foot, which I am sure the skiers are eagerly anticipating.  I just hope I will be able to drive to the airport on Friday.

IMG_4629 sm
The view towards the Wasatch mountains on the east of Ogden, as seen from the Walmart parking lot. (We shopped for lunch food at Walmart).
IMG_4636 sm
This (unassuming) Thai food restaurant in Ogden serves up awesome Thai food ..
IMG_4641 sm
.. as well as 5% alcohol/ vol Singha beer imported from Thailand. Domestic beers in Utah are allowed to go to 4% alcohol/ vol (which is actually pretty close to 5%). The Singha is a mythical lion from ancient Thai and Hindu stories.

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